Maryland State Police Unsolved Homicide List


I am still in the process of doing individual posts on each of the cases listed below, but wanted to get the info out as these are worked on.

  1. Oscar Ellis
  2. Benjamin Elsey
  3. Tiek Chang
  4. Kenneth Plew
  5. Rosemary Gibson
  6. Nolien Cyril
  7. Taylor Evans
  8. Wells Evans
  9. Norman Kane
  10. Victor Grant
  11. Kevin Burton
  12. Keith Knox
  13. Gregory Taylor
  14. Maddie Shay
  15. Marco Morales
  16. Terry Wood
  17. Percy Thornton
  18. Joann Wright
  19. Preston Morehouse
  20. Gregory Wright
  21. Edmund St Clair

Missing Persons

  1. Thomas Borum
  2. Leonard Mills
  3. Kathryn Quackenbush



Nathaniel Woodson And Noah Joyce Unsolved Fruitland Double Homicide

Fruitland On July 7th, 1999 at 04:25 am Fruitland Officers were dispatched to Poplar Street at Elizabeth Street for suspicious circumstances of subjects laying on the ground and not moving.

As Officers arrived they observed that 42 year old Nathaniel Woodson of Fruitland and 42 year old Noah Joyce of Eden had been critically injured by gunfire and were unconscious. Both victims were transported to the hospital where they both were pronounced deceased.

This case remains unsolved but continues to be investigated to this day. The current investigator assigned to this investigation is Det. Butch Mills.